Get your Elective COVID-19 Testing in only 5-10 minutes Bahrain Medical laboratory and Bahrain medical center

Summary of Elective COVID-19 Testing:

Make an appointment via our website or by calling 17255522 or 17000210, 39867591

Securely pay online

Provide your CPR card for verification

Your temperature is taken by our medical staff

A Nasopharyngeal sample swab is taken for testing (from the inside of your nose)

You will be notified with results by 24-72 hours

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Questions on Eligibility:

  1. Who is eligible?

If you do not meet Ministry of health s standard criteria for COVID-19 Testing or have not been selected for a random

test – you can still apply for quick and convenient, paid elective screening at BMC or BML


Anyone who meets theMinistry of health standard criterion for screening can get tested for FREE by contacting 444.

  1. Why a healthy person is recommended for a Covid19 screening test

The incubation period for COVID-19 is between 2 to 14 days. Which means that a person who has the virus

can appear perfectly healthy up to 14 days after contracting the virus, before any symptoms appear.

Screening allows us to rule out if we are a carrier to COVID-19.

  1. What kind of sample is needed for testing?

Nasopharyngeal swab will be collected by taking due precautions

  1. What’s the sample collection and Transportation process?

BML OR BML trained Doctor collect the samples by following all biosafety precautions and using

personal protective equipment.

The sample will be collected in a viral transport medium (VTM) to maintain the stability of the sample.

Questions on Registration and Payment:

  1. Registration for an appointment

Only on appointment basis and you will need your original CPR card for verification.

Please call us at 17255522 0r 17000210 for details. Booking in advance is MANDATORY.

General consent for new registrations will be taken on the day of Elective COVID 19 testing.

Appointments will be given only for asymptomatic people after thorough Tele-Screening for symptoms.

You are requested to provide correct information.

  1. Making an advance payment.

You can make the payment through online banking option on a secured

payment gateway if appointment is confirmed.

Payment link will be provided. Payment done against Covid19 testing will be non-refundable

if you are found to book an appointment with inaccurate information.

  1. Insurance cover or claim.
    • Advised to contact your own insurance provider for claim purpose as per their applicable norms.

Questions on Swab Testing and Process:

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Testing for COVID-19 involves inserting a 6-inch long swab (like a long Q-tip) into the cavity between the nose and mouth (nasopharyngeal swab) for 15 seconds and rotating it several times. The swabbing is then repeated on the other side of the nose to make sure enough material is collected. The swab is then inserted into a container and sent to a lab for testing.

  1. On the day of Screening.

Show CPR and proof of payment.

You will be directed by our staff to the designated section of the COVID-19 testing room

Allow swab to be taken as recommended (estimated within 10 minutes).

  1. Swab Collection and Testing Procedure:

The swab is inserted into your nose and gently moved forward into the nasopharynx,

a region of the pharynx that covers the roof of the mouth at the back of your nose.

The swab is then rotated for approximately 10-15 seconds to collect secretions, and then the swab is removed.

  1. Post-testing and after collection of the COVID-19 swab

Clients are advised for home quarantine while waiting for their results at home.

  1. Availability of reports.

Test results will be ready within 48-72 hours after swab collection and the result will be informed via email.

If the test result is positive for COVID-19, you will be notified by

BML OR BML and/or MOH and will be asked to follow MOH directives.

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P.S. To manage flow of patients and maintain social distancing norms, we are conducting limited tests per week.